Support Material for Chapter 5: Orbits

This page contains video footage of research workshops I ran as part of my PhD study of rhythm in actor training. These sessions were focused on an exploration of approaches to working with polyrhythm as a tool for actor training. Participants in these session came from a range of backgrounds including actors, dancers and musicians. This work led to the development of a training form known as Orbit. The clips found on this page are intended as support material for chapter five of my PhD, Via Rythmos. For more details regarding Orbit workshops or any of the other research material contained on this site please feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Clip 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21



Clip 10:

Simultaneity arm exercises in pairs: one rhythm nesting in another. Based on eurhythmics exercises

Clip 11:

Participants synchronising their movements, with their breath and voice. Building up from small movements of the eyes through the whole body moving through space


Clip 12:

Walking the space and voicing the steps, marking beats and off-beats, steps and intervals

Clip 13:

Polyrhythmic call and response: four steps in the feet, three off-beats in the hands. Exercise based on ‘TaKeTiNa’ rhythm training.

Clip 14:

Group Improvising call and response over a four beat cycle


Clip 15:

Working with Orbit#1. Exploring shifting between patterns and improvising vocals. Beginning with Orbit choreographies and then leading into improvised movement throughout the studio

Clip 16:

Further orbit development work exploring the use of percussion and other polyrhythmic patterns

Clip 17:

Further Orbit development work exploring other spatial and temporal relationships

Clip 18:

Training session with postgraduate researchers, teaching Orbit choreographies


Clip 19:

Two simultaneous Orbit choreographies. Exploring spatial relationships in Orbit Sossos


Clip 20:

Three simultaneous Orbit choreographies. Working with Orbit Sossos

Clip 21:

Animated score of Orbit Sossos demonstrating polyrhythmic relationships in space and time


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