Based in West Yorkshire, Eilon Morris works as a percussionist, composer, actor and educator throughout the UK and internationally. Author of Rhythm in Acting and Performance (Methuen Drama 2017), Eilon is also a core member of OBRA Theatre Co. and a senior lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire where he teaches and coordinates movement, music and placement modules. Recent projects include collaborating with choreographer Kim Brandstrup on Minotaur (Bath Theatre Royal), touring IBIDEM in France with OBRA, collaborating as a music producer with Zoe Katsilerou on project mάzoksi, and music composition for Rob Heaslip Dance productions of Strawboys and Galapagos …read more

…the quality of a dream, each successive scene offering pictures of haunting encounters that feel at once surreal and real… Each section has its own movement language, reflected in Eilon Morris’s ever-changing score, which moves from electronica to classical to the sound of Irish dancing.

***** Observer review of Phaedra and Minotaur 2022

With risk of sounding overly effusive, as an acting instructor this is a book I have been wanting for years. Its value comes from Morris’s approach. … It will be a great addition to the conversations of acting instructors and artists in performance, but also for scholars looking to enrich the engagement of students in discussions of performance analysis.

***** J. Ariadne Calvano, review of Rhythm in Acting & Performance, Theatre Topics 2018

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