This page contains footage from a number of projects and performances I have worked on over the last few years including promotional trailers, music recordings and improvisations. More details about these projects can be found throughout this website.

MUSIC FOR TRAFFIC is a project I started work on in lockdown this winter, recording musical improvisations in relationship to the evolving sounds and images of traffic passing by my window. These recordings feature mbira and kalimba. The later an instrument made during my apprenticeship in instrument making with Graham Rhodes in 1999.

 The following video is a filmclip for the recording of Misirlou, made with Zoe Katsilerou as part of our work on project mάzoksi, a collection of works inspired by Greek rebetika songs, combining live recordings with samples and electronic instrumentation.

Another, improvisation on kalimba recorded in Leeds, UK at the start of lockdown 2020.

INDOORS is a short work created in collaboration with Zoe Katsilerou. I composed the sound design for this piece working purely with sampled noises taken from our kitchen in Leeds. Similarly, all the lighting in this piece is a result of natural changes in colour as the sun set outside.

The following trailer is for the live production of IBIDEM, by OBRA Theatre Co. The music composed for this piece came about through collecting and manipulating field recordings taken from the local area where we worked in the South of France, combined with found object and self-made instruments. This particular piece is formed by a collection of samples taken from a skipping CD.

Promo video for production of Wicker Husband, in which I worked as both puppeteer and musician. This piece was created and performed at the Watermill Theatre in February and March 2020.

The following are a series of promo videos I created for workshops I ran between 2018 and 2019. First one focuses on the theme of playing in the cracks, exploring rhythmic relationships and ways of leaving and occupying temporal and spatial gaps.

A little composition I made, layering samples taken from playing on bits and pieces in my kitchen in Glasgow in 2017.

The following piece was filmed, recorded and edited on my phone while waiting for a flight delayed by six hours in Madrid. 

Material created as part of my PhD research exploring graphic and video notations for polyrhythms, and “orbit” choreographies.

A trailer for OBRA Theatre Co’s 2017 production of Gaudete, adapted from a text by Ted Hughes. The music I composed for this piece was created and performed live on instruments all made from objects found on-site at Au Brana Cultural Centre in the South of France, where the piece was made.

A couple more clips from project mάzoksi