Support Material for Chapter 3.3: Nicolás Núñez

This page contains research footage I of training sessions with Nicolás Núñez and the Taller de Investigación Teatral in Mexico City in November 2010. Two ‘dynamic’ are presented here, Huracán and ‘Citlalmina. This material is here in support and in reference to my thesis VIA RHYTHMÓS.

Clip 8 & 9

Clip 8: Huracán

Huracán is a training ‘dynamic’ developed and practices by the Taller de Investigación Teatral. The sequence alternates between contemplative running and the Huracán form involving the three simultaneous choreographies and vocal chants, and finishes with a sequence of closing steps.

Clip 9: Citlalmina

Citlalmina is training ‘dynamic’ which incorporates two sacred warrior dances: the Mexican Conchero Dance and the Tibetan Black Hat Dance. This edited clip contains the first cycle of the Conchero dance a cycle of the Black Hat Dance and the last cycle of the Conchero dance. Also included here, are examples of instrumentations used within these practices including conchs, rattles, ayayote (ankle rattles) and drums.

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