I have been collaborating as a composer and performer with  OBRA Theatre Co on their production of Gaudete since 2011, a creative process that lead to a tour of the first two parts of this work in march 2017. This production is an adaptation of an epic poem by Ted Hughes’.

This piece tells the story of a Yorkshire village, shattered when elemental spirits replace the parish priest with his double. Alternative realities collide as this changeling interprets the gospel of love in his own alarming fashion. What goes on at the Women’s Institute?

OBRA’s eight strong international ensemble interweave the visceral language of Hughes’ seminal work with intimate physicality and dynamic choreography, accompanied by a cinematic soundscape and live junkyard percussion.

This is theatre that embraces the transformative power of language and the body; dark, complex and touching, Gaudete is a physical and lyrical feast of ensemble theatre.

For this production, I have been working as a composer, musician and actor and physical performer. As part of this project, I have also built my own percussion rig made up entirely of found objects sourced from the area surrounding the Au Brana Cultural Centre in the South of France.

For more details see project page www.obratheatre.co/gaudete/