In April to June 2014 I was involved in devising and performing as an actor musician in Day of the Living as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company Mischief Festival at the Other Place. This was devised production directed by Amy Draper with music and lyrics by Darren Clark and  script by Juliet Gilkes Romero.

Eilon Morris masked as Manolo in Day of the Living 2018. Photo by Ellie Merridale © RSC.

“Radiating anger, defiance and, ultimately hope. Fiercely effective”


“Shared heart and soul by a brilliant ensemble”


“Day of the Living is like a magical collage, it is a wonderful jumble of colours, sounds and emotions. The songs are augmented by a soundscape full of the voices of the students and crackly newsflashes, while a masked drama forms the emotional heart of the story.”


Ayotzinapa, Mexico, 2014. Forty-three students are forcefully disappeared. No one is brought to justice. An anarchic, musical tribute to life and the Mexican spirit with urgent, global issues at its heart.