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  • Tuning: Preparing to Perform with OBRA Theatre Co.

    Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Blog This is a blog post I wrote for the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Blog describing some of my work with OBRA Theatre Co and the process of ‘tuning’  before our performances of Gaudete.  Each night, prior to performing Gaudete with OBRA Theatre Company, my last task before vacating the stage was to tune my dulcimer. I needed […]

  • Rhythm in Acting and Performance: New Publication

    Rhythm in Acting and Performance:  New Publication

    I am delighted to announce the release of my new book, Rhythm in Acting and Performance: Embodied Approaches and Understandings, to be published by Methuen Drama and available from 27 of July 2017. Focusing on key approaches to rhythm within European and American theatre and performance since the end of the nineteenth century, including the work of Konstantin […]