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  • Teaching at the Duende School – Athens 2015

    Teaching at the Duende School – Athens 2015

    I’ve just returned from Athens, where I had the great pleasure of teaching the first group of students to pass through the Duende School of Ensemble Physical Theatre.  From October to December 2015, a group of 19 participants from around the world took part in an intensive programme of training in ensemble theatre, movement, voice, […]

  • Footfalls in Paradise (Mexico 2010)

    Footfalls in Paradise (Mexico 2010)

    In October and November 2010 I visited Mexico City to undertake research into the work of theatre director Nicolás Núñez and the Taller de Investigación Teatral, constituting an important aspect of my PhD studies into the role of rhythm in actor training. This research focused on the Taller’s use of traditional forms in actor training […]