Rhythm as a Training Tool for Performers

1 – 2 Day Workshop Led by Eilon Morris

Mon 24th & Tues 25th June 2013, University Campus Oldham (10am – 5pm)

Cost : One day £25, two days £45

This workshop is for performers interested in working with rhythm as a training tool and means of developing performance material. Over these two days, participants will have the opportunity to engage creatively with rhythmic elements such as pulsation, tempo, metre and polyrhythm.

Rhythm training at Au Brana Cultural Centre - Photo by Linnéa Pattersson

Encountering these elements through breath, pulsation, physical movement and the voice, participants will work with rhythm as live and dynamic process and apply these elements to the craft of performance through improvisations and fixed choreographies. This workshop is open to performers of all backgrounds including actors, dancers and musicians and can be attended as either a one or a two- day workshop.

For more information or to book a place, please contact Tray Wilson tray.wilson@oldham.ac.uk, 0161 344 8859

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