Video Support Material for Chapter 3.2: John Britton

This page contains video footage of training sessions with John Britton. The material listed bellow is intended to be used as support for chapter 3.2 of VIA RYTHÓS. All footage filmed and edited by Eilon Morris. For more details regarding John Britton’s training sessions and workshops please see the workshop page or contact Eilon Morris for more details.

Clip 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Clip 1:

Footage from a public workshop run by John Britton at Whitestone Farm in 2011. Shot from above, this material provides an example of a basic “ball game” exercise commonly used within John Britton’s actor training practices.

Clip 2:

Footage taken during postgraduate training held at the University of Huddersfield in July 2011. These exercises involve participants synchronising the various sounds with the act of catch balls. 

Clip 3:

Here is variation of the “ball game” done in pairs. The task is to throw the ball, touch the ground, jump, spin and then catch the ball as it comes back to you.

Clip 4:

This exercise combines ball work with another basic exercise used by Britton in which participants choose to either walk, stop run through the space. 

Clip 5:

A progression from 1 to 7 balls with participants instructed to observe the ways in which changing conditions and demands alter their psychophysical state, noting tensions and blockages as they arise.

Clip 6:

Another common variation on the “ball game” in which the ball are thrown and caught in pairs.

Clip 7:

Throwing and catching sticks in pairs


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